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Disposable Vape Pen Not Working After Charge: How To Fix?

Vape Pen Not Working After Charge

Vaping has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional smoking in recent years. Disposable vape pens, in particular, have gained popularity due to their convenience and ease of use. However, disposable vape pens can sometimes encounter issues like any electronic device, leaving users frustrated and wondering why their vape pen is not working after a charge. In this article, we will explore the common reasons behind a non-functional disposable vape not working after charging and provide you with solutions to get it working again.

Why Is My Vape Pen Not Working?

Before diving into troubleshooting, it’s essential to understand why your disposable vape pen might not be working despite being charged. Several factors can contribute to this issue:

1. Battery Depletion:

Disposable vape pens come with a limited battery life. If the battery is completely depleted, your vape pen won’t function even after charging. This is a common issue, especially if you’ve been using your vape pen for an extended period without recharging it.

2. Connection Problems:

The connection between the battery and the vape cartridge can become loose or dirty over time, causing a poor electrical connection. This can lead to your vape pen not working correctly.

3. Manufacturing Defects:

Sometimes, disposable vape pens may have manufacturing defects that prevent them from functioning correctly. These defects include faulty batteries, wiring issues, or other internal components not working as intended.

4. Overcharging:

Charging your disposable vape pen for too long or using a charger with an inappropriate voltage can lead to overcharging, damaging the battery and causing it to malfunction.

5. E-Liquid Issues:

The quality and viscosity of your e-liquid can affect your vape pen’s performance. Thick or low-quality e-liquids can clog the vape pen’s heating element, preventing it from producing vapor.

Now that we’ve identified potential reasons for your disposable vape pen not working, let’s explore what you can do to troubleshoot and address these issues.

What Do You Do If Your Disposable Vape Won’t Hit?

If your disposable vape pen isn’t producing vapor when you inhale (often referred to as “hitting”), here are some steps you can take to address the issue:

Check the Battery Level:

Ensure that your vape pen has enough battery charge left. If it’s depleted, plug it into a charger for the recommended charging time specified by the manufacturer. Be cautious not to overcharge, as this can damage the battery.

Clean the Connection:

Detach the vape cartridge from the battery and inspect the connections for any dirt, debris, or residue. Clean them gently using a cotton swab or a clean, dry cloth. Reassemble the pen and try using it again.

Replace the Vape Cartridge:

Sometimes, the issue may lie with the vape cartridge itself. If you’ve been using it for a while and it’s not producing vapor, consider replacing it with a new one.

Adjust Airflow:

Disposable vape pens often have adjustable airflow settings. If your vape pen is not hitting well, try adjusting the airflow to see if it improves the vapor production.

How Do You Get A Dead Disposable Vape To Work Again?

If your disposable vape pen appears completely dead and unresponsive, here are some steps you can take to try and revive it:

1. Charge the Battery:

Connect your vape pen to a compatible charger and leave it to charge for the recommended time. Be patient and avoid using quick chargers or chargers with a higher voltage than the manufacturer recommends.

2. Try a Different Charger:

If your vape pen still doesn’t respond after charging, try using a different charger to rule out any issues with the original charger.

3. Perform a Hard Reset:

Some disposable vape pens may have a hard reset feature. Check the manufacturer’s instructions or website for information on how to perform a hard reset for your specific model. This can sometimes resolve software-related issues.

4. Contact the Manufacturer:

If none of the above steps work, reaching out to the vape pen manufacturer or the retailer where you purchased the device is advisable. They may offer warranty support or replacement options for defective products.

How Do You Reset A Disposable Vape?

Resetting a disposable vape pen typically involves performing a hard reset, which can vary from one manufacturer to another. Here are general steps to reset a disposable vape pen:

Remove the Vape Cartridge:

Detach the vape cartridge from the battery.

Locate the Reset Button:

Some disposable vape pens have a small reset button on the bottom or side of the battery. Look for it and press it using a small, pointed object (e.g., a paperclip) for a few seconds.

Reassemble and Test:

After pressing the reset button, reattach the vape cartridge to the battery and try using the vape pen again. This action should reset the device to its default settings and address any minor issues.

If your disposable vape pen doesn’t have a reset button or this method doesn’t work, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or customer support for specific guidance on resetting your device.

Is It Bad To Smoke A Dead Vape?

While it’s not inherently harmful to use a disposable vape pen that has a depleted battery, doing so won’t provide you with any vapor or nicotine. It’s like trying to use an electronic device with no power – it won’t function as intended.

However, you should avoid attempting to modify or disassemble a disposable vape pen to extract its remaining e-liquid or attempt to recharge the battery in ways not recommended by the manufacturer. Tampering with the device can be dangerous and may result in damage or harm.


In conclusion, dealing with a disposable vape pen not working after charge can be frustrating, but understanding the potential causes and troubleshooting steps can help you resolve the issue. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging, cleaning, and resetting your device, and if all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact customer support for assistance or consider purchasing a replacement. Proper maintenance and usage can extend the life of your disposable vape pen and ensure a more satisfying vaping experience.

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